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Papers and Reports

IDE Discussion Papers

DiscussionPaperWelcome to the Institute of Developing Economies (IDE) Discussion Paper Series. We are pleased to provide an electronic archive for disseminating works-in-progress reflecting the broad range of research activities of IDE research fellows.

You may view the abstracts and download the full text of papers in PDF format.


"Energy Efficiency Standard and Labeling Program and Consumer Welfare: A Case of the Air Conditioner Market in China"
by Mariko WATANABE and Michikazu KOJIMA / Published in May 2016
"Does Technological Progress Magnify Regional Disparities?"
by Takatoshi Tabuchi, Jacques-François Thisse and Xiwei Zhu / Published in May 2016
"Sustainable Development Goals and Japan: Sustainability Overshadows Poverty Reduction"
by YAMAGATA Tatsufumi / Published in May 2016
"Impacts of an HIV Counseling and Testing Initiative: Results from an Experimental Intervention in a Large Firm in South Africa"
by Yutaka Arimoto, Narumi Hori, Seiro Ito, Yuya Kudo, Kazunari Tsukada / Published in April 2016
"Impacts of tertiary canal irrigation:Impact evaluation of an infrastructure project"
by Seiro Ito, Satoshi Ohira, Kazunari Tsukada / Published in April 2016
"Measuring the Usage of Preferential Tariffs in the World"
by Kazunobu HAYAKAWA, Fukunari KIMURA, Nuttawut LAKSANAPANYAKUL / Published in April 2016
"DANGEROUS UNIONS: Mapping Human Smuggling and Human Trafficking in International Marriage Through Japan’s Legal Response"
by Douglas MacLean, J.D. / Published in March 2016
"Consumption-based Accounting of U.S. CO2 Emissions from 1990 to 2010"
by Klaus HUBACEK / Published in March 2016
"How Does Firm Heterogeneity Information Impact the Estimation of Embodied Carbon Emissions in Chinese Exports?"
by Yu LIU, Bo MENG, Klaus HUBACEK, Jinjun XUE, Kuishuang FENG, Yuning GAO / Published in March 2016
"Partition, Independence, and Population Geography in Bengal"
by Abu S. Shonchoy and Kenmei Tsubota / Published in March 2016
"Some notes on the spatial representations"
by Souknilanh Keola and Kenmei Tsubota / Published in March 2016
"Excess capital and bank behavior: Evidence from Indonesia"
by HAMADA Miki / Published in March 2016
"Simulation Analysis of the EU ELV/RoHS Directives Based on an Applied General Equilibrium Model with Melitz-type Trade Specification"
by OYAMADA Kazuhiko / Published in March 2016
"Asset Composition of the Philippines' Universal and Commercial Banks: Monetary Policy or Self-Discipline?"
by KASHIWABARA Chie / Published in March 2016
"Temporary Jobs and Globalization"
by Tomohiro Machikita and Hitoshi Sato / Published in March 2016
"Modeling for the World Crude Oil and Natural Gas Markets"
by SHIBATA Tsubasa / Published in March 2016
"Boards of Directors and Bank Performance in United Arab Emirates"
by SAITO Jun / Published in March 2016
"Heterogeneous Firms and Cost Sharing in China's Marketplaces"
by Ke Ding, Toshitaka Gokan and Xiwei Zhu / Published in March 2016
"Impact of Electrification on Children’s Nutritional Status in Rural Bangladesh"
by Tomoki FUJII, Abu S. SHONCHOY, and Sijia XU / Published in March 2016
"Participation in Farmer’s Cooperatives and Its Effects on Agricultural Incomes: Evidence from Vegetable-producing Areas in China"
by HOKEN Hisatoshi / Published in March 2016
"Effectiveness of Promoting Energy Efficiency in Thailand: the Case of Air Conditioners"
by Michikazu Kojima and Mariko Watanabe / Published in March 2016
"Spatial Spillover Effects in Determining China’s Regional CO2 Emission Growth: 2007-2010"
by Bo MENG, Jianguo WANG, Robbie ANDREW, Hao XIAO, Glen PETERS, Jinjun XUE / Published in March 2016
"The Framing Discourses of 'Honorary White' in the Anti-Apartheid Movement in Japan"
by MAKINO Kumiko / Published in March 2016
"Measuring Population Mobility Speed from Space"
by Souknilanh KEOLA and Satoru KUMAGAI / Published in March 2016
"The Environment Dimension of Food Supply Chain Analysis"
by LEI Lei / Published in March 2016
"From School to Work: Muslim Youths’ Education and Employment Strategies in a Community in Uttar Pradesh, India"
by Humayun Kabir / Published in March 2016
"Tea Supply Chain in East Asia"
by LEI Lei / Published in March 2016
"Japanese Import Survey: Descriptive Analysis"
by Kaoru Nabeshima and Etsuyo Michida / Published in March 2016
"Food Quality Awareness: Cases from Shrimp Producers in Thailand and Vegetable Producers in Vietnam"
by Aya Suzuki and Vu Hoang Nam / Published in March 2016
"Economic Impacts of the Kra Canal: An Application of the Automatic Calculation of Sea Distances by a GIS"
by Ching-mu CHEN and Satoru KUMAGAI / Published in March 2016
"Comparing the Economic Impacts of Asian Integration by Computational Simulation Analysis"
by Ikumo ISONO, Satoru KUMAGAI, Kazunobu HAYAKAWA, Souknilanh KEOLA, Kenmei TSUBOTA and Toshitaka GOKAN / Published in March 2016
"Effect of Import Time on Export Patterns"
by Kazunobu HAYAKAWA, Nuttawut LAKSANAPANYAKUL, Taiyo YOSHIMI / Published in March 2016
"Domestic and International Border Effects"
by HAYAKAWA Kazunobu / Published in March 2016
"Compilation of a Regionally-extended Inter-country Input–Output Table and Its Application to Global Value Chain Analysis"
by Bo MENG, Norihiko YAMANO, Satoshi INOMATA, Hao XIAO, Jianguo WANG / Published in March 2016
"A Unified Framework of Trade in Value Added; Physical, Monetary, Exchange Rates, and GHG Emissions"
by Asao ANDO and Bo MENG / Published in March 2016
"Housing the Rangoon Poor: Indians, Burmese, and Town Planning in Colonial Burma"
by OSADA Noriyuki / Published in March 2016
"Stability of Complementarity between Japanese FDI and Import of Intermediate Goods: Agglomeration Effects and Parent-Firm Heterogeneity"
by Tadashi Ito, Toshiyuki Matsuura, Chih-Hai Yang / Published in March 2016
"Service liberalization in Lao PDR"
by Ikumo ISONO and Hikari ISHIDO / Published in March 2016
"Descriptive Analysis of the Knowledge Network Formation in East Asia"
by Kaoru Nabeshima, Byeongwoo Kang, and Mila Kashcheeva / Published in March 2016
"Negative Skill Sorting across Production Chains"
by Yoko Asuyama and Hideaki Goto / Published in March 2016
"Malaria Infection and Fetal Growth during the War: Evidence from Liberia"
by KUDO Yuya / Published in February 2016
"Adjustment Methods of National Input–Output Tables for Harmonized and Consistent Multi-Regional Input–Output Databases"
by INOMATA Satoshi / Published in February 2016
"Do International Flights Promote FDI? The Role of Face-to-Face Communication"
by TANAKA Kiyoyasu / Published in February 2016
"The Impact of a Computer Based Adult Literacy Program on Literacy and Numeracy: Evidence from India"
by Ashwini Deshpande, Alain Desrochers, Christopher Ksoll and Abu S. Shonchoy / Published in January 2016
"On the sustainability of a monocentric city: Lower transport costs from new transport facilities"
by GOKAN Toshitaka / Published in January 2016