Platforms and Firm Capabilities: A Study of Emerging Global Value Chains

Discussion Papers


by DING Ke

November 2013


This paper discusses globalization’s impact on production and distribution systems in emerging economies. On one hand, globalization has resulted in an increasing number of multinational corporations to adopt a platform strategy for their customers in emerging markets. On the other hand, developing countries have witnessed the integration of an increasing number of traditional marketplaces into a powerful distribution system, characterized as a specialized market system. Consequently, an unique industrial organization has developed in emerging economies, regarded as emerging global value chains (EGVCs). They comprise a large number of small firms together with a small number of large platform providers and display the “market” type general governance patterns. Firms in EGVCs are more likely to realize functional upgrading and grow into strong lead firms.

Keywords: platform, network effect, emerging economies, value chain governance
JEL classification: L63, O14, O17

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