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The Business Management Strategy of Iran’s Large Apparel Firms: Overview of Results from a Questionnaire Survey and Interviews 2009-2011

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February 2012


This paper is an overview of the results from a questionnaire survey and subsequent supplementary interviews of Iran’s large apparel firms conducted by the author in 2009-2011. Most of the large apparel firms in Iran are based in Tehran and have been in business for some twenty years. They have a solid business with regular customers, but in general have hesitated to expand the size of their firms. Following the relaxation of restrictions on the procurement of raw materials that existed in the 1990s, the results of survey and interviews show that the firms have developed new channels of procurement although they depend to a considerable degree on imported raw materials and machinery. They have managed to maintain their level of output even with the rapid increase in imports since 2000, although the number of firms has decreased. Low-priced Chinese products have basically not been their rivals; instead, the inflow of foreign name-brand products have hit them heavily.

Keywords: apparel firms, questionnaire survey, interview, Iran

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