Linked versus Non‐linked Firms in Innovation: The Effects of Economies of Network in Agglomeration in East Asia

Discussion Papers


by MACHIKITA Tomohiro , UEKI Yasushi

March 2009


This paper proposes a new mechanism linking innovation and network in developing economies to detect explicit production and information linkages and investigates the testable implications of these linkages using survey data gathered from manufacturing firms in East Asia. We found that firms with more information linkages tend to innovate more, have a higher probability of introducing new goods, introducing new goods to new markets using new technologies, and finding new partners located in remote areas. We also found that firms that dispatched engineers to customers achieved more innovations than firms that did not. These findings support the hypothesis that production linkages and face‐to‐face communication encourage product and process innovation.

Keywords: Innovation, Linkages, Engineer Mobility
JEL classification: D83, L25, O31, O32, R12

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