The Philippine Economy: Alternatives for the 21st Century



Edited by Dante B.Canlas, Shigeaki Fujisaki
Published in 2000


Preface / Dante B.Canlas, Shigeaki Fujisaki

Chapter 1.

The Texture of Competition in the First Decade of the New Century / Raul V. Fabella

Millennial Vignettes
Von Thunen Competition
Mainland China as Great Dragon
Embryonic Stem Capital
Chapter 2.

The Boom-Bust Cycle(Will It Ever End?) / Emmanuel Dios

The Real-Structural hypothesis (RSH)
The political business cycle
An Eclectic Hypothesis
Forward to the Past
Chapter 3.
Complementarities and the Big Push
Increasing Returns, Market Size, and Income Distribution
Bullish Entrepreneurs and East Asian Experience
Chapter 4.

Lesson About Macroeconomic Fundamentals from the East Asian Crisis / Joseph Y. Lim

Three Views on the East Asian Crisis
Myths that Contributed to Misconceptions on the Macroeconomic Aspects of the East Asian Crisis
The Macroeconomic Fundamentals of the East Asian Five before the Crisis
The Importance of ‘Animal Spirit’: A Review of Macroeconomic Fundamentals of East Asian Countries in the Eighties and Nineties
Examples of Strong Macro Fundamentals
Exploring the Movements of Real Exchange Rates, Current Account Deficits and Growth
Summary and Conclusion
Chapter 5.

Regulatory Challenges to Reform in Banking and Corporate Rehabilitation / Maria Socorro Gochoco-Bautista, Renato E.Reside,Jr

1. Introduction
2. The Banking Sector
3. A profile of Financially Distressed Firms
4. Empirical Verification of the Relationship between the Corporate and Financial Sectors
Some Regulatory and Supervisory Challenges
Chapter 6

The Who Negotiation and Trade Liberalization Issues for the Philippines / Florian A. Alburo

What’s at Stake for the Philippines?
The Collapse of the Third WTO Ministerial Meeting
Issues and prospects for the Philippines
A Concluding Note
The WTO “Built-in” Agenda
Chapter 7

Industrial Development in the Philippines: Issues and Prospects for the 21st Century / Gwendolyn R.Tecson

Is the Manufacturing Sector Sporting a ‘New ‘ Look?
Manufacturing in the 21st Century: The Prospects
The Issues: What Remains to be done
Chapter 8

Rural Development in the 21st Century: Monitoring and Assessing Performance in Rural Poverty Reduction / Arsenio M.Balisacan

Rural Poverty Trends
The Problem with Existing Rural Poverty Indicators
Toward a Poverty Monitoring and Indicator System for the Rural Sector
Summary and concluding Remarks
Chapter 9

Human Resource Development in the Philippines: Goals,Policies,and Governance / Dante B.Canlas

A Framework
HRD Policies
Institutions and Governance
Concluding Remarks
Chapter 10

Is the Philippines Prepared for Globalization an Assessment of its Science and Technology Capabilities? / Edita A. Tan

How to Acquire Competitive Capabilities
The State of Philippine Science and Non-Science Education
S & T Capability in the Top Three Universities
Concluding Remarks
Chapter 11

Designing S&T Policy for the New Millennium / V.Abrenica

S&T Policymaking and Challenges of Knowledge-based Economy
Measures of Philippine Technological Performance
S&T Policy making in the Philippines: An Assessment
S&T Framework for the New Millennium