Thailand-Indochina International Inter-Industrial Interdependency phase2



Edited by Shunichi Furukawa, Arkhom Termpittayapaisith
Published in 2000

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Acknowledgement / Sansern Wongcha-um

Preface (244KB) / Shunichi Furukawa

Part I Economic Development in GMS.
Chapter 1.

Macro-Economic Situation in Indochina Countries / Warin Wonghanchao, Orapan Nabangchang

Socio-Economic performance and Related Policy Implications
Macro Policy for Strengthening Economic Management of the Indochina Countries
Strengthening the Integration of Indochina Countries into the World Economy
Chapter 2.

The Economic Corridors: New Dimension for Development in the Greater Mekong Subregion / Pornchai Rujiprapa

Economic Corridors: The Concept
The East West Economic Corridor
Chapter 3.

Trade Between Thailand and Indochina Countries / Sintorn Guntawong

1. Overall Trade
2. Bilateral Trade
 2.1 Trade between Thailand-Cambodia
 2.2 Trade between Thailand-Lao PDR
 2.3 Trade between Thailand-Myanmar
 2.4 Trade between Thailand-Vietnam
Chapter 4.

Compilation of Thailand Input-output 1995 / Sintorn Guntawong

Part 1. Thailand Input-Output Table for 1995
1. Preface
2. Process in constructing Thailand Input-Output Table for 1995
3. Benefits of the 1995 Input-Output table of Thailand
4. Results from the analysis of the 1995 input-output table
 4.1 Comparison of the input structure of the input-output during 1990 and 1995
 4.2 Gross output in national income statistics (NI) and input-output (I-O) values, 1995
 4.3 GDP in national income statistics and input-output values, 1995
5. Conclusion and recommendations
Chapter 5.

Estimation of Thailand-Vietnam Bilateral Input-Output Table 1995 / Shunichi Furukawa, Arkhom Termpittyapaisith

1. Vietnam Input-Output Table for 1996
2. Estimation of Vietnam Input-Output Table for 1995
 2.1 Estimation of Gross Outputs and Values Added by Industrial Sector
 2.2 Estimation of Final Demands by Product by Component
 2.3 Estimation of tentative Input Structures
 2.4 Aggregation and Reconciliation of 1995 Vietnam Input-Output Table
3. Aggregation of Thailand Input-Output Table and Vietnam Input-Output Table
4. Estimation of 1995 Bilateral Input-Output Table
 4.1 Estimation of import matrix of Thailand from Vietnam and from rest of the world
 4.2 Estimation of exports of Thailand to Vietnam and the rest of the world
 4.3 Estimation of import matrix of Vietnam from Thailand and from rest of the world
 4.4 Estimation of exports of Vietnam to Thailand and to rest of the world
Appendix 1
Part II Input-Output Table in Indochina Countries.
Chapter 6

Thailand-Vietnam International Inter-industrial Linkages Analysis / Shunichi Furukawa, Arkhom Termpittyapaisith

1. Input-Output Models
 1.1 An input-output model for a closed economy
2. Bilateral Input-Output Model for Thailand and Vietnam Economies
 2.1 Comparisons of Vietnam economy and Thai economy
 2.2 Thailand-Vietnam Bilateral Input-Output Tables
Part III

statistical Table

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