Financial Crisis in Thailand : Adjustment of Local Companies



Edited by Samart Chiasakul, Kenji Koike
Published in 1998

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Preface / Samart Chiasakul, Kenji Koike

Chapter I

Thailand Financial Crisis : Causes and Effects on Structural Changes / Busada Kunasirin

1. High Short-Term & More Volatile Interest Rates
2. Higher Non-performing Loans and Liquidity Problems
3. The Decline in Foreign Investment
4. More Bankruptcy in Every Economic Sector
5. The Agricultural Sector will Come Back to Play an Important Role

Appendix A
Chapter II

Financial Crisis in Thailand and Adjustment of Local Companies in Manufacturing Sector / Samart Chiasakul

1. Sources of Financial Crisis in Manufacturing Sector
2. Financial Crisis and Its Impacts on Local Companies
3. Impacts and Adaptation of Local Companies Investing Abroad
4. Adjustment of Local Companies under Financial Difficulties
5. Restructuring of Thai Manufacturing Sector
6. Conclusion

Chapter III

Thailand Economic Crisis 1997 and Thai Construction Company Adjustment : A Case Study of Italian Thai Development(public) Co.Ltd., / Ukrist Pathmanand

1. What's Thailand Economic Crisis 1997?
2. Italian Thai Development (Public) Co., Ltd.: economic crisis in Thailand and it's adjustment
3. Italian Thai Development (Public) company's adjustment
4. Italian Thai Development in Burma: opportunities and obstructions

Chapter IV

The Impacts of Financial Crisis on Thai Overseas Investment / Kenji Koike

1. Thai Overseas Investment in the Emerging Markets
2. Progress and Prospects of Thai Big Business' Overseas Investment
3. Tentative Remark

Appendix (6.66MB) / Kenji Koike

(1)CP Group
(2)Siam Cement Group
(3)Telecom Industry