Overseas Investment by Asian Business Groups



Edited by Samart Chiasakul, Kenji Koike
Published in 1997

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Preface / Kenji Koike

Chapter 1

Multinational Development of CP Group Since 1990 / Kenji Koike

1. Thai Overseas Investment Since 1990
2. CP's Sub-Business Groups
3. Overseas Operations in China; Players and Business Activity
4. Conclusion

Appendix: CP's Business Operations (August 1993- December 1996)
Chapter 2

Overseas Investment by Thai Contractors / Samart Chiasakul

1. Construction Industry in Thailand
2. Establishment and Development of Local Contractors in Thailand
3. Overseas Investment by Local Contractors
4. Conclusion
Chapter 3

Siam Cement Group's New Business Strategy and Operations / Makio Nishi

1. Siam Cement Group
2. Organization Structure Specified by Their Own Technics
3. Strategy for Diversification
4. Factors Inducing Siam Cement Group to Invest Overseas
5. Limitation on Oversea Investment by Siam Cement Group
6. Conclusion
Chapter 4

Indnesian Overseas Chinese Business Group's Investment in China / Koji Ishikawa

1. Asean Countries Investment in China and Indonesia
2. Prominence of three Indonesian Chinese Business Groups
3. Salient features of Indonesian Oversea Chinese Business Group's Investment in China
4. Conclusion
Chapter 5

Foreign Direct Investment : Policies and Prospects / U Zali Maw

1. Legal Reforms
2. Foreign Direct Investment: Concerns
3. Foreign Direct Investment: Security
4. Conclusion