Industrialization and Modernization in Vietnam toward 2000



Edited by Vo Dai Luoc, Akie Ishida
Published in 1996

Contents (285KB)

Preface (684KB) / Vo Dai Luco, Akie Ishida

Chapter one

Orientations of industrialization policy / Vo Dai Luoc

Changed conditions and model potions
Options for economic branches
The state's role
The dominant role of state economic sector
Chapter two

Financial Problems / Nguyen Tran Que

Investment capital in the Vietnamese economy over the recent period
Requirement and Orientation of investment capital for the industrialization process durin g the 1996-2000 period
Some problems relating to the mobilization of investment capital during the forthcoming period
Some questions on development investments in non-state enterprises
Chapter three

Technology and technological transfer in Vietnam / Ta Kim Ngoc

Realities of technology and technological transfer in Vietnam
Policy orientations and measures to be taken for technological transfer in Vietnam in the coming future
Chapter four

Development of human resource in the course of industrialization - modernization / Tan Van Tung

Vietnam's education through stages of development
Strategic orientations for the development of human resource
Priority options for human resource development
Chapter five

Policy of trade and tariffs and strategy of industrialization and modernization / Nguyen Van Tam

Policy of trade and tariffs in the recent years of renovation: results and problems
Policy of trade and tariffs in the service of export-oriented industrialization strategy
Chapter six
Who are the key actors in the economic development?
The Economic Sectors
The Concretizing of the development strategy
The State Management of Investment

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