Indonesian Economy toward the Twenty First Century



Edited by Dorodjatun Kuntjoro-Jakti, Keiji Omura
Published in 1996

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Preface / Dorodjatun Kuntjoro-Jakti, Keiji Omura


Consistent Macroeconomic Development and Its Limitation / Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Ari Kuncoro

1. Realization of Targeted Growth of Repelita VI
 1-1. Economic Growth
 1-2. Inflation
 1-3. Consumption
 1-4. Investment
 1-5. External Sector
 1-6. Exchange Rates
 1-7. The Problems of capital Inflows
 1-8. Monetary Sector
2. Internal Condition of Balanced Growth and Obstacles
 2-1. Human Resources and the Labor Market
 2-2. Inter-regional, Class and Group Income Distribution n
 2-3. The Structure and Quality of Government Bureaucracy
 2-4. Production Structure and Real Market
 2-5. Industrial Structure and Strategy
 2-6. Monetary Structure and Policy
 2-7. Fiscal Policy
3. Positive and Negative External Elements Serving to the Growth
4. Strategic Policies for Sustaining the Growth

The Challenge of Industrialization in Indonesia Approaching the 21st Century / Faisal H. Basri

1. An Overview of the Indonesian Manufacturing Industry
2. Indonesian Manufacture in the Midst of the East Asian Economy
3. Environment Protection and Industrial Development
4. Industrial Sources and Consequence
 4-1. Unsustainable Utilization of Natural Resources
 4-2. Industrial Pollution
5. Underlying Causes and policy Prescription
 5-1. Policy Failure
 5-2. market and Institutional Failure

The Development of Technology : Challenges to Indonesia's Electronic Industry / Hari Soesastro, Raymond Atje

1. Technology and Comparative Advantage
2. Adoption, Adaption and Dissemination of Technology
3. Technology Efforts and Efforts to Seize Comparative
 3-1. Japan
 3-2. The United States of America
 3-3. Europe
 3-4. Korea
 3-5. Taiwan
 3-6. Brazil
 3-7. Asean
4. Increasing the Technology Capability of the Indonesian Electronic Industry

Productivity Improvement, Skill Formation and Complementary Resources for Future Human Resources Development / N. Haidy A. Pasay

1. Policy Issues
2. HRD in the Course of Future Industrialization
 2-1. The Relevance of Future Industrialization
 2-2. Toward Establishing a Flexible Upgrading system
 2-3. Roles of Core Human Resources
V2-4. Complementary Financial Resources
3. Concluding Remarks
1. Toward a More Stable Budgetary Policy and Foreign AID
2. Feature of ODA Transaction in the Repelita VI
3. Effective Use of Foreign Resources Toward the 21st Century
Chapter 6

Indonesia Into the 21st Century: Making the Most of External Resources / Mari Pangestsu

1. Trends in Capital Flow to Developing Countries
 1-1. The Jump in Private Capital Flows 1990-93
  1-1-1. Trends
  1-1-2. Where did the extra funds go?
  1-1-3. Factors behind the jump and continuity
  1-1-4. Capital flows and Indonesia
2. Liberalization Trends in Foreign Direct Investment
 2-1. Unilateral Liberalization of Foreign Investment
 2-2. Regional Commitments
 2-3. Accepting the APEC Non-Binding Investment Principles
 2-4. Major Principles
  2-4-1. Transparency, National Treatment and Non Discrimination
  2-4-2. On Specific Investment Policies
  2-4-3. Other Issues
  2-4-4. Multilateral Commitments: TRIMS
3. Implications of Trends in Capital Flows for Indonesia
 3-1. Macroeconomic Management
 3-2. Creditworthiness
 3-3. Managing the Capital Flows
 3-4. Financial Sector
4. Rules of the Game and Greater Transparency
Chapter 7

Government and Market Mechanism Following the Economic Reforms since the 1980s / Anwar Nasution

1. Economic Nationalism and Patrimonialism
2. The Impetus fo the Economic Adjustment Since the Late 1980s
3. Government Interventions in the Labour Market
4. Government Roles in the Financial Markets
 4-1. Exchange Rate System and Policy
 4-2. Interest Rate and Credit Policies
5. Government Interventions in the Market for Private Goods and Services
 5-1. High Degrees of Market Concentration
 5-2. Arguments for High Protection and Market Concentration
 5-3. Export Support Policies
6. The Co-Operatives
7. Disappointing Performances of the Rent Seekers
8. Conclusions