Circulation Systems of Production Materials China -II-



Edited by Tadao Harada
Published in 1995

Contents (200KB)


A Review and Prospect of Circulation System Reform of Production Materials in China / Jia LuRang, Yao JianYin

1. Circulation System of Production Materials Before Reform
2. Reform of Circulation System of Production Materials
3. Goal Pattern of Reform of Circulation System of Production Materials in China

A Study on Chinese Market System for Production Materials / Liao YingMin, Sun TanZheng

1. Organization
2. Problems
3. Suggestions

The Physical Circulation of Production Materials in China / Song Ze

1. Definition
2. General Description
 (1) Overall size
 (2) General Description
3. Present Conditions
 (1) Bottle-necked Industries
 (2) Tremendous Wastages in spite of Shortages: A Paradox
4. Prospects
 (1) Initial Estimates
 (2) Building the “Hardware” of the Market System

Chinese System Reform in Production Material Circulation Enterprises / Ren XingZhou, Ma JianTang

1. Basic System of China’s Material Circulation Enterprise Before Reform
2. Contents and Process of the system Reform of Production Materials Circulation Enterprises
3. Targets Set for China’s Reform on Capital Materials Circulation Enterprises

Chinese market Rules and Laws on Production Materials / Zhang ShanLiang

1. Rules and laws on Circulation of Production Materials under the Traditional Planned Economy
 (1) Rules on Market Access
 (2) Behavior Rules for Market Subjects
 (3) Rules on Market Operation
 (4) Rules of Governmental Interference and Supervision
 (5) Formulation of Regulations on Material Circulation
2. Market Rules and Laws on Production Materials during the Transitional Period form Planned Economy into Socialist Market Economy
 (1) Establishment and Development of the Market of Means of Production
 (2) Market Rules on Production Materials during the Transitional Period
  1. Rules of market access
  2. Behavior rules for market subjects
  3. Rules of market operation
  4. The characteristics and rules of governmental interference and supervision
  5. Since the adoption of reform and opening policy
3. Shortcomings of the Market Rules Under the Transitional Structure
Circular of the Ministry of Materials
 1. Adjust the catalogue of Major Industrial Materials
 2. Allow and Encourage Multiple Economic Sectors to Deal in Production Materials
 3. Procedures for Dealing in Major Industrial Materials
 4. Tighten Control on Industrial Material Market

A Study on Regional Blockade for Production Materials in China / Zhu Gang, Liang ShuChun

1. Emergence and Evolution of Regional Blockade
2. Methods, Means and Forms of Regional Blockade
3. Causes of the Regional Blockade

The Development of bonded Zones in China / Xu YaPing

1. Current Micro-Operation
2. Macro Analysis on Policies
3. Strategy Choice and Prospects

A Study of Chinese Futures Market and It's Prospects / Chang Qing

1. Development of Chinese Futures Market at Different Stages
2. Reasons for the Rapid Development of Futures Market in China
3. Existing Problems and Expectations

Afterword (42KB) / Tadao Harada