Indonesian Economy in the Changing World



Edited by Dorodjatun Kuntjoro-Jakti, Keiji Omura
Published in 1995

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Preface / Dorodjatun Kuntjoro-Jakti, Keiji Omura

1. From laissez-faire Policy to Governmental Interventionalist Policy
2. Reemergence of Regionalism
 2-1. Different Approaches to APEC
 2-2. The Role of the Super-powers and Openmarket
3. Changing from Multilateralism to Bilateralism?
4. Developing Countries Between Free Trade Policy and Pluralism

Policy Alternative for Asian Countries between the Open Market and Protection / Faisal H. Basri

1. East Asian Nations in a Changing International Environment
2. Challenges for the Future

The Opening Up of the Indonesian Economy, 1980-1993 / Anwar Nasution

1. Structural Changes in Indonesian Economy
2. Relatively Sound Economic Management
 2-1. The Essential Elements of Stabilization Policy
 2-2. Development Financing Strategy
 2-3. External Borrowings of the Public Sector
 2-4. Allocation of Public Expenditure
 2-5. Foreign Exposures of Financial Institutions and Private Non-Bank Companies
3. Policies to Promote Inflows of Foreign Direct Investment
 3-1. Ownership Requirements
 3-2. Wider Investment Opportunities for Foreign Capital
 3-3. More Rational Tax Incentives
4. Trade and Industry Policies Reforms
 4-1. Non-Tariff Barriers
 4-2. Tariffs
 4-3. Drawback System
 4-4. Administrative Reforms
 4-5. Export Restrictions
5. Regional and South-South Economic Cooperations
6. Export of Manufacture Products
7. The Future Agenda for Economic Reforms
8. Conclusion

Indonesia in a Changing World Environment: Multilateralism VS Regionalism / Mari Pangestsu

1. Unilateral Liberalization: Market Driven Integration
 1-1. Unilateral Liberalization and Reforms in Indonesia
 1-2. East Asia: Market Driven Integration
2. Indonesia's Commitment to Liberalization Under the Multilateral Framework
3. Regional Agreements and Cooperation
 3-1. AFTA: Indonesia's Commitment and Implementation Problems
 3-2. Growth Triangles
 3-3. APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation)
4. Conclusions

Problems and Prospects in Indonesia-U.S. Economic Relations / Lepi T. Tarmidi

1. Indonesia - U.S. Trade Relations
 1-1. Development of Indonesia - U.S. Trade, 198-1993
 1-2. U.S. Foreign Trade Policy
2. Trade Frictions between Indonesia and the U.S.
 2-1. Frictions Concerning American Exports to Indonesia
 2-2. Frictions Concerning Indonesian Exports to the U.S.
3. U.S. Investments in Indonesia
4. Prospects of Indonesian - U.S. Economic Relations
 4-1. The Global Economic Perspective
 4-2. Prospects of American Exports to Indonesia
 4-3. Prospects of Indonesian Exports to the U.S.
 4-4. Prospects of U.S. Investments in Indonesia

Indonesian Economy in East Asia / Hero U. Kuntjoro-Jakti

1. World Economy and Trade
 1-1. General View
 1-2. The East Asian Economies
2. Japan's Economy and the Indonesian-Japanese Relationship