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APEC Study Center publications in FY 2000/2001

APEC Study Center Series

These documents can be downloaded (in PDF format).

APEC IN THE 21st CENTURY -Selected Issues for Deeper Economic Cooperation-
Chapter I
Table 1pdf(7KB)
Table 2pdf(8KB)
Table 3pdf(7KB)
Table 4pdf(11KB)
Table 5-6pdf(8KB)
Table 7apdf(12KB)
Table 7bpdf(12KB)
Table 8-11pdf(11KB)

Chapter II
Appendixpdf (15KB)

Chapter III
Chapter IV
Fig 2pdf (24KB)
Fig 3pdf (17KB)
Fig 4pdf (49KB)
Table 1pdf (25KB)
Table 2pdf (14KB)
Table 3pdf (13KB)
Table 4pdf (11KB)

Chapter V
Table 2pdf(14KB)
Table 3pdf(14KB)
Table 4pdf(18KB)
Table 7pdf(13KB)

Chapter VI
APEC Trade Liberalization Framework IDE APEC STUDY CENTER Working Paper Series 00/01
No. 4 On Principles of APEC pdf (94KB) / Tatsushi Ogita