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Proceedings of the Roundtable Meeting Law, Development and Socio-Economic Changes in Asia II

Asian Law Series


Edited by Institute of Developing Economies (IDE-JETRO)
19-20 November 2001
PDF pdf (1.8MB)

Title page, Content, etc. pdf

Preface pdf

Day 1: Dispute Resolution Process in Asia
Opening Speech pdf by Mr. Toshiaki Hayashi (Executive Vice President, IDE-JETRO)

Opening Speech pdf by Justice Prasobsook Boondech (Supreme Court, Thailand)

Session I: Dispute Resolution Process in Asia: Theory and Reality
Globalism and Localism in Dispute Resolutionpdf
Dr. Yoshitaka Wada (Professor, Graduate School of Law, Kyushu University, Japan)

Alternative Dispute Resolution System in India : Problems and Prospectspdf
Prof. Surinder Kaur Verma (Director, Indian Law Institute, India)

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Thailandpdf
Judge Vichai Ariyanuntaka (Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court, Thailand)

Overview of the Dispute Resolution Mechanism in Chinapdf
Dr. Liu Junhai (Deputy Director, Department of Business & Economic Law, Institute of Law,Chinese Academy of Social Science, China)

A Perspective on Comparative Study of Dispute Settlement Institutions and Socioeconomic Developmentpdf
Ms. Miwa Yamada (IDE-JETRO)

Discussions in Session I pdf

Session II: Dispute Resolution Process in Asia: Theory and Reality (2)
Labor Dispute Settlement in the Philippinespdf
Prof. Domingo P. Disini (Professor, College of Law, University of the Philippines)

The Malaysian Experience with ADR, with particular reference to the resolution of Labour Disputespdf
Dr. Sharifah Suhana Ahmad (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Malaya, Malaysia)

Environmental Dispute Settlement in Japanpdf
Ms. Izumi Chibana (IDE-JETRO)

The Japanese Model of Dispute Processingpdf
Dr. Yasunobu Sato (Professor, Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University,Japan)

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Vietnampdf
Dr. Dao Tri Uc (Director of the Institute of State and Law, National Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam)

Discussions in Session II pdf

Day 2: Law and Political Development in Asia
Session III: The Political and Administrative Reform in Asia
Legal and Institutional Reform in East Asia: Case Study of Thailandpdf
Mr. Shinya Imaizumi (IDE-JETRO)

Anointing Power with Piety: 'People Power', Democracy and the Rule of Lawpdf
Dr. Raul C. Pangalangan (Dean, College of Law, University of the Philippines)

Local Government Reform in Thailand under the New Constitutionpdf
Mr. Somtob La-ongsakul(Member of the Sub-committee on Supervision of Government Policy
Implementation, Region 12, Thailand)

Constitutional Review Concerning the Protection and the Regulation of Freedom of Business in Japanpdf
Ms. Noriko Ofuji(Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Seigakuin University, Japan)

Discussions in Session III  pdf

Session IV: Ensuring the Rule of Law in Asia
The Rule of Law in Indonesiapdf
Mr. Naoyuki Sakumoto(Senior Research Fellow, IDE-JETRO)

National Ombudsman Commission of Indonesia: Comparative Aspectspdf
Prof. RM Surachman (APU Research Professor, eqv., Deputy Ombudsman, National Ombudsman
Commission, Indonesia)

Judicial Supervision in Chinapdf
Mr. Masayuki Kobayashi(IDE-JETRO)

Discussions in Session IV  pdf

Closing Remarks  pdf by Prof. Dr. Surapon Nitikraipot(Dean, Faculty of Law, Thammasat University)

Closing Remarks  pdf by Mr. Naoyuki Sakumoto(IDE-JETRO)