Toward ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership  

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■ Toward ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership
■ 194pp
■ Published in 2003

This volume presents a board overview of ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership, whose framework has been agreed in November 2003. Part I analyses economic effect of AJCEP over ASEAN and Japan. Part II illustrates viewpoints of ASEAN countries toward AJCEP.

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Acknowledgement / Ippei Yamazawa, Daisuke Hiratsuka


Introduction / Ippei Yamazawa, Daisuke Hiratsuka

1 Japan-ASEAN Comprehensive Economic Partnership: A Japanese Perspective / Ippei YAMAZAWA
I. Renewed Initiative for Japan-ASEAN Cooperation
II. Japan-ASEAN Relationship: Overview
III. Vision of the Japan-ASEAN Comprehensive Economic Partnership
IV. Cooperation Network in East Asia
V. Action Agenda for JACEP
VI. Prospects for Closer Research Institute Cooperation

2 What Effect Will Trade Liberalization between Japan and ASEAN Members Have Over Time? / Kazuhiko OYAMADA
I. Introduction
II. The Model
III. Simulations
IV. Concluding Remarks

3 Agriculture: A Viewpoint from ASEAN / Nipon POAPONGSAKORN
I. Agricultural Trade
II. A Need to Reduce Fortress in Agricultural Products
III. What are the Required Tasks for the Success of the ASEAN-Japan FTA?

4 AEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership: A Malaysian View / Mohamed ARIFF

5 Singapore’s Perception of ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership / Hank LIM
I. Regional Economic Integration
II. Role of Japan and Emerging Industrial Trends
III. Modality of East Asian Economic Co-operation
IV. Conclusions

6 ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Thailand's Perspective / Nipon POAPONGSAKORN and Chalongphob SUSSANGKARN
I. Rationale
II. Cooperation Network in East Asia
III. Action Agenda for AJCEP

7 ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Notes on Investment Liberalization and Capital Market Development / Mario B. LAMBERTE
I. Background
II. Investment Liberalization
III. Capital Market Development

8 ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership: An Indonesian Perspective / Tubagus FERIDHANUSETYAWAN
I. Introduction
II. The ASEAN-China Comprehensive Economic Cooperation
III. The Challenges for Indonesia
IV. The Challenges for ASEAN
V. The Challenges for Japan
VI. Final Remarks

9 Some Notes on the Perception of ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership / DINH Van An and VO Tri Thanh
I. The AJCEP in the Context of Globalization and Regional Integration
II. The AJCEP and Vietnam: A General Assessment
III. Vision of and Agenda for AJCEP
IV. Concluding Remarks

10 Vision of ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Further Insights and Perspectives / TAN Siew Ee
I. Introduction
II. Present Status of ASEAN-Japan Economic Relations
III. Promoting Closer ASEAN-Japan Economic Relations: Mechanisms and Modalities
IV. ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Its Vision, Agenda and Appraisal
V. Conclusion

11 AEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Examining Lao PDR’s Comparative Advantages / Sirivanh KHONTHAPANE

12 Towards Promotion of the ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership / Kan Zaw
I. Rationale
II. Challenges of ASEAN Economies and Prospect for Japan-ASEAN Relationship
III. Enlargement of ASEAN and Its Comprehensive Cooperation
IV. Perspective Based on Myanmar's Experience
V. Recommendations

13 ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership: A Cambodian Perspective / KAO Kim Hourn
I. An Overview
II. The Importance of AJCEP
III. The Process of AJCEP
IV. Challenges Arising From AJCEP


Joint Study Report "ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Vision and Tasks Ahead"