ASEAN-Japan Competitive Strategy  

Symposium Proceedings


■ ASEAN-Japan Competitive Strategy
■ 374pp
■ Published in 2003

IDE-JETRO and research institutes from ASEAN 5 plus Vietnam conducted a joint study. This volume analyses current status of ASEAN economies and Japan in terms of industrial competitiveness and presents tasks that each country has to tackle for industrial upgrading.

Acknowledgment / Ippei Yamazawa, Daisuke Hiratsuka


Introduction / Ippei Yamazawa, Daisuke Hiratsuka

1 Competitive Strategy in the Six ASEAN Countries: Summary Findings from Individual Papers / Daisuke HIRATSUKA
I. Changes of Economic Environment Surrounding ASEAN
II. Issues regarding ASEAN’s Industries
III. Human Resource Development Strategy in ASEAN
IV. Indigenous Technological and Skill Development Strategy in ASEAN
V. Implications of Regional Cooperation for Industrial Upgrading and Technological and Skill Development

2 Singapore’s Strategy for Industrial Upgrading / Hank LIM
I. Introduction
II. Structural Changes in the Singapore Economy
III. Economic Review Committee (ERC)
IV. On Human Resource Development and Singapore's Policy on Foreign Skilled Workers
V. Conclusions

3 ASEAN Strategy for Upgrading Industry and Improving Industrial Competitiveness: The Case of Malaysia / Mohamed ARIFF
I. Introduction
II. Historical Overview
III. Industrial Master Plans and National Plan of Action for Industrial Technology Development
IV. Key Government Incentives for Improving Industrial Competitiveness
V. Strategic Resources
VI. Challenges Ahead
VII. Conclusion

4 Thailand Strategy for Industrial Upgrading / Chaiyuth PUNYASAVATSUT and Nipon POAPONGSAKORN
I. Introduction
II. Technological Structure of Thai Industry
III. Skill Formation
IV. Some Policy Environments
V. Future Strategy for Industrial Upgrading
VI. Concluding Remarks

5 Philippines' Strategy for Upgrading Industry / Mario B. LAMBERTE, Caesar B. CORORATON, Aniceto C. ORBETA, and Myrna S. AUSTRIA
I. Introduction
II. Development of Supporting Industries
III. R&D Activities
IV. Policy for Human Resources Development and Its Assessment
V. Barriers to Trade and Investment
VI. Diversification and Upgrading of Products Engaged by Both Foreign and Indigenous Firms
VII. Promising Industries in the Mid- and Long-term

6 Indonesia’s Strategy for Industrial Upgrading / Tubagus FERIDHANUSETYAWAN and Haryo ASWICAHYONO
I. Introduction
II. The Indonesian Economic Growth Experience
III. Industrial Upgrading: Policy Deficits and Challenges
IV. The Way Forward

7 A Competitive Strategy Report for Industrial Upgrading in Vietnam / DINH Van An, DANG Thi Thu Hoai, and VO Tri Thanh
I. Introduction
II. FDI Policy of Vietnam
III. Human Resources Development
IV. Supporting Industries and SME Development
V. Technological Innovation and R&D
VI. Perspective on Vietnam's Competitiveness and Strategy for Industrial Upgrading

8 Changes in Japan’s Industrial Structure and Structural Reform Efforts / Hiromi OKI, Tomoko KUBOTA, and Akira KAJITA
I. Changes in Japan's Industrial Structure
II. Globalization of the Manufacturing Sector
III. Employment of Foreigners in Japan
IV. Industrial Structural Reform in Japan

9 Competitiveness of ASEAN, China, and Japan / Daisuke HIRATSUKA
I. Introduction
II. Industrial Competitiveness According to the Catching-up Product Cycle
III. Position of Competitiveness Stage in East Asia
IV. Competitiveness of ASEAN Six, China, and Japan
V. Competing and Complementary Trade Relation within ASEAN Six, China and Japan
VI. Enhancement of Competitiveness in ASEAN under the Rise of China

10 Foundations of Industrial Upgrading in ASEAN Economies: Policy Effort and Status Quo / Hikari ISHIDO
I. East Asian Miracle Revisited
II. Conceptualization of Industrial Upgrading
III. Effective Policy Efforts: Direct Subsidy versus Indirect Subsidy
IV. The Foundations of Industrial Upgrading
V. The Possibility of Differentiated “Techno-preneurship”

Summary Table of Competitive Strategy Reports of the Six ASEAN Countries