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APEC : Cooperation for Sustainable Development  

Symposium Proceedings


Symposium Proceedings APEC : Cooperation for Sustainable Development ■ APEC : Cooperation for Sustainable Development
■ Edited by ITOGA Shigeru
■ 2,808Yen (Price without consumption tax:2,600 Yen)
■ 307pp.
■ Published in 1998


Title page, Content, etc.

Foreword pdf /  Katsuhisa Yamada

Introduction pdf /  Shigeru Itoga

Keynote Address: How Should We Approach The FEEEP Issue? pdf / Ippei Yamazawa

PART I. Energy and Environment Problems Influenced by Economic Growth
Chapter 1 Long-Term Outlook of Energy Supply and Demand in East Asia / Kazuya Fujime
Chapter 2 Increasing Energy Consumption While Sustaining the Environment / Paul White
Chapter 3 Coexistence of Environment Protection and Industrial Development / Muhammad Saleh Kismadi
Comments /  Tongroj Onchan
Comments /  Hiroshi Katsumata
Comments pdf /  Keiji Omura

PART II. Population Growth and Food Production Increase - Prospects of Demand and Supply -
Chapter 4 Prospects of Population Growth and Food Demand Supply in the APEC Region pdf / Natsuki Fujita
Chapter 5 China's Grain and Food Sector - Prospects and Policy Issues - / Feng Lu
Comments /  Ronald Duncan
Comments /  Young-il Chung

PART III Urbanization and Change of Life Style
Chapter 6 Intensification of Urbanization and Change of Life Style pdf / Reeitsu Kojima
Chapter 7 Urbanization and Life Environmental Protection - The Case of Thailand and Bangkok - Tongroj Onchan
Comments /  Sham Sani
Comments /  Boris Graizbord

PART IV Role of Private Sectors on Food and Environmental Problems
Chapter 8 Food Trade Strategy and the Role of Private Sector / David M. Juday
Chapter 9 Infrastructure Construction, Co-existing with Environmental Protection and the Role of Private Sectors / Raphael P. M. Lotilla
Comments /  Mitsuhiro Nakagawa
Comments /  John B. Robinson

PART V Production Activities and Environment
Chapter 10 Agricultural Development and Environmental Conservation / Shigeki Kawahara
Chapter 11 Industrialization and Environment in Malaysia - Issues and Challenges - / Sham Sani
Comments /  Feng Lu
Comments /  Tsuneo Tanaka

PART VI Panel Discussion - Proposals by Every Participant on the FEEEP Problem -
1.Welcome Address / Minoru Masuda, Kazumasa Kusaka, Katsuhisa Yamada
3.List of the Participants
4.Profiles of the Participants
5.FEEEP Symposium 1997 in Saskatoon, Canada  /  The Impact of Expanding Population and Economic Growth on Food, Energy and the Environment in the APEC Region,Chair's Summary of Workshop Four  /  Socio-Economic Context pdf / Ippei Yamazawa