APEC : Cooperation from Diversity  

Symposium Proceedings


■ APEC : Cooperation from Diversity
■ 248pp
■ Published in 1996


Title page, Content, etc.

Foreword / Katsuhisa Yamada

Introduction / Akira Hirata

PART I. APEC Strategy of Development Countries
1. America, APEC, and the Road Not Taken: International Leadership in the Post-Cold War Interregnum in the Asia-Pacific / Donald C. Hellmann
2. Strategy toward APEC: The Case of Japan / Akira Hirata, Jiro Okamoto, Tatsushi Ogita
Comments / Ponciano S. Intal
Comments / Chee Yuen Ng

PART II. China and Korea
3. APEC vs China's Reform and Opening Up / Chen Dezhao, Kuang Mei
4. Korea's Basic Position on APEC / Jae Bong Ro
Comments / Michael G. Plummer
Comments / Fumio Yoshino

PART III. ASEAN Countries and APEC
5. APEC and Economic Liberalization in the Philippines / Gwendolyn R. Tecson
6. Problems and Prospects of APEC: A View from Thailand / Medhi Krongkaew
Comments / Hiroshi Osada
Comments / Roberto Villa

PART IV. APEC's Common Goals - Liberalization and Facilitation
7. Towards APEC's Liberalization Goals of 2010 and 2020 / Peter D. Drysdale, Andrew Elek
8. Liberalization and Economic Growth / Yumiko Okamoto
Comments / Mohamed Ariff
Comments / Charles E. Morrison
9. Deregulation: New Zealand's Experience / Robert D. Scollay
Comments / Motoyuki Goto

PART V. APEC's Common Goals - Economic Cooperation
10. Singapore's Regionalisation Drive in the Context of APEC Cooperation / Linda Low
11. Asia-Pacific Cooperation in Energy and Environment / Ippei Yamazawa, Shinichi Nakayama, Hideaki Kitamura
Comments / Andrew Elek
Comments / Li Ronglin


Welcome Address / Katsuhisa Yamada
List of Participants