International Industrial Linkages and Economic Interdependency in Asia-Pacific Region -International Input-Output Analysis  

Symposium Proceedings


■ International Industrial Linkages and Economic Interdependency in Asia-Pacific Region -International Input-Output Analysis
■ Edited by Takao Sano, Chiharu Tamamura
■ Published in 1993


Title page, Content, etc.

Forward / Katsuhisa Yamada

PART 1: Chapter 1 Keynote Address

1 Significance of Construction and Analysis of International Input-Output Tables of Asia-Pacific Region / Shunichi Furukawa, Satoshi Inomata

2 Deepening Interdependence in the Pacific Rim: Challenges for International Input-Output Analysis / Peter A. Petri

3 Trade, Interindustry Linkages, and Structural Change in Selected Asian-Pacific Economies / Se Hark Park

Chapter 2 Economic Development of ASEAN Countries and Their Economic Interdependency with the Asia-Pacific Region

2 Structural Change and the Interdependence of the Indonesian Economy / Sugito Suwito

3 International Industrial Linkages and Econmic Interdependency in the Asia-Pacific Region: Malaysia Country Report / Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, Pang Teck Wai

4 Structural Changes and Trade Interdependency of Thailand: A Review of the Country's Industrialization process (1960-1990) / Warin Wonghanchao, Prayote Charoensuk, Orapan Nabangchang

5 Economic Interdependency between the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific Region 1975-1985 / Tomas P. Africa

Comment 1 / Masahiro Mimura

Comment 2 / Francisco T. Secretario

Chapter 3 China's Economic Development and Its Economic Interdependency with Asia-Pacific Region

1 Industrial Linkages between China and the Asia- Pacific Region / Takao Sano

2 China's Economy and Economic Interdependence in Asia-Pacific Region / Youcai Liang

3 Comment / Watsuji Nakagane

Chapter 4 Industrialization of Asian NIEs and Their Economic Interdependency with Asia-Pacific Region

2 Economic Interdependence: Singapore and Asia-Pacific Region / Chow Kit Boey, Lee Chin Choo, Lim Swee Kuan

3 Taiwan's Economic & Industrial Structure Change and Relationship among Asia-Pacific Region / Tsai-Yi Wu

4 Structural Changes in Korean Industry and Economic Interdependency between Korea and the Asia-Pacific Region / Seuk-Jong Kim

5 Comment / Hiroshi Osada

Chapter 5 Economic Interdependency between Japan and USA, and Asia-Pacific Region

3 Comment / Masahiko Shimizu

Chapter 6 International Industrial Structure of Asia-Pacific Region

1 A Hierarchical Input-Output Structure of the Asia-Pacific Basin / Yukio Fukui


Summarizing Discussion / Masahiro Kuroda, Peter A. Petri, Se-Hark Park, Yukio Fukui