Regulations and International Trade: New Sustainability Challenges for East Asia  

Palgrave Macmillan IDE-JETRO Series

This book evaluates the evolution of regulatory policy in advanced countries and discusses how, due to globalization, policy changes in one country have a knock-on effect in others. Separated in two parts, the first half focuses on policy in developed countries and regulatory diffusion from Europe to Asia. The second part looks at the business impact of policy developments in a number of Southeast Asian countries. Key chapters discuss Thailand's response to EU chemical regulations, the diffusion of private food standards, and the effect of chemical safety standards in Malaysia and Vietnam. These contributions are written by leading scholars in the field and the book is likely to be of interest to students, researchers and policy makers concerned with regulation changes in East Asia.

■ Regulations and International Trade: New Sustainability Challenges for East Asia
■ Edited by Etsuyo MICHIDA, John HUMPHREY and Kaoru NABESHIMA
■ €119.59
■ 321pp
■ Published in September 2017
■ ISBN978-3-319-55040-4

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1. Introduction: New Sustainability Challenges for East Asia/ Michida, Etsuyo (et al.)

Part Ⅰ  Regulatory Challenges Under Globallzation

2. Regulation, Standards and Risk Management in the Context of Globalization/ Humphrey, John

3. Regulatory Diffusion from Europe to Asia/ Michida, Etsuyo

4. Adapting to EU Chemical Regulations: The Experience of Thailand/ Ramungul, Nudjarin

5. Diffusion of Private Food Standards from the European Union to Asia/ Michida, Etsuyo (et al.)

6. Preliminary Theoretical Model for Standard Promotion from the Perspective of Governments/ Nabeshima, Kaoru

Part Ⅱ  Regulatory Impacts on Firms and Supply Chains

7. A Snapshot of the Effects of Product-Related Environmental Regulations on Firms in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Japan/ Michida, Etsuyo (et al.)

8. Transmission Channels of Requirements for Chemicals in Products to Firms in Vietnam/ Ueki, Yasushi (et al.)

9. Effects of Chemical Safety Standards on Production Cost in Malaysia and Vietnam/ Honda, Keiichiro (et al.)

10. Effects of Chemical Safety Standards on Export Performance in Malaysia and Vietnam/ Honda, Keiichiro (et al.)

11. Diffusion of Quality and Environmental Management Systems Through Global Value Chains: Cases of Malaysia and Vietnam/ Iguchi, Hakaru (et al.)

12. Challenges of EU Chemical Regulations: The Case of Thai Firms/ Ramungul, Nudjarin