Industrial Clusters, Migrant Workers, and Labour Markets in India  

Palgrave Macmillan IDE-JETRO Series

The shift in the labour force from agriculture to the manufacturing sector in India has not been a smooth process. Although the manufacturing sector has seen an increase in employment, the share of the manufacturing sector in total employment has not changed and rural areas are continuing to endure unemployment problems. Industrial Clusters, Migrant Workers, and Labour Markets in India examines the evident mismatch between the supply and demand in the labour force through the prism of; employment conditions for migrant workers, the impact of industrialization as part of industrial clusters upon surrounding and outlying villages, and the labour market in industrial clusters. Finally this book uses the cases of two newly developed industrial clusters: Ludhiana in Punjab and Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu to investigate current state of employment. Its findings conclude that unattractive wages and working conditions are the main reasons for the labour shortage in both clusters. This book is a key resource for researchers working in the field of development economics, labour economics and the Indian economy.

■ Industrial Clusters, Migrant Workers, and Labour Markets in India
■ Edited by Shuji UCHIKAWA
■ £70.00
■ 238pp
■ Published in August 2014
■ ISBN978-1-137-40876-1


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1. Introduction: Development of Industrial Clusters and the Labour Force/ Shuji Uchikawa

2. Migrant Workers in Ludhiana/ Jesim Pais and Yoshifumi Usami

3. Knitted Together: The Life of Migrants in Tiruppur Garment Cluster/ Muniandi Jegadeesan and Koichi Fujita

4. Pattern of Rural Livelihoods in Punjab: The Role of Industrial and Urban Linkages/ Kamal Vatta

5. Impact of Non-Farm Employment on Landholding Structures in Punjab: Comparison of Three Villages/ Daizo Sugimoto

6. Industrial Growth and Indian Agriculture: Insights from Two Villages Near Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu/ D. Suresh Kumar and Koichi Fujita

7. Tiruppur's Labour Market on the Move: An Examination of Its Industrial Relations with Special Focus on the Institutional Actors in the Apparel Industry/ Hitoshi Ota

8. Structure of the Steel Industry and Firm Level Labour Management in Mandi Gobindgarh and Ludhiana/ Etsuro Ishigami