Delivering Sustainable Growth in Africa: African Farmers and Firms in a Changing World  

Palgrave Macmillan IDE-JETRO Series

The economic situation in Sub-Saharan Africa has recently undergone a process of change. After a long period of stagnation during the 1980s and 1990s, GDP per capita has shown significant growth in the 2000s. Although the growth rate is lower than that of East Asia, it is significantly higher than that in previous decades. The most significant factor yielding the better economic performance is the increase in commodity prices including oil, mineral and agricultural products, which are the main export products for most African countries. Another factor has been the scaling up of aid flows following the commencement of the Millennium Development Goals. The enhanced commitment of the donor community increased aid flow to Africa, which in turn increased GDP through consumption of locally sourced products and services, such as with the construction industry. This book aims to fill the lack of micro evidences on a structural change of African producers. By collecting studies on single industries, the authors attempt to demonstrate firms' and farmers' responses to the recent economic trend such as growth of demand, emergence of FDI and improvement in infrastructure. Since the economic trend differs by industry, its impacts on producers can be observed more clearly by focusing on a single industry. Based on case studies, this book covers four industries in five countries that experienced significant external changes; namely, horticulture in Ghana, construction in Burkina Faso, textiles in Madagascar, agriculture in Uganda, and wood processing in Tanzania. All studies are based on original data collected through the authors' field work.

■ Delivering Sustainable Growth in Africa: African Farmers and Firms in a Changing World
■ Edited by FUKUNISHI Takahiro
■ £70.00
■ 227pp
■ Published in December 2013
■ ISBN978-1-137-37781-4


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Notes on the Contributors

1. Introduction: African Farmers and Firms in a Changing World/ Takahiro Fukunishi

2. The Governance of Global Value Chains, Upgrading Processes and Agricultural Producers in Sub-Saharan Africa/ Jodie Keane

3. The Fresh Pineapple Export Industry in Ghana: The Role of Smallholders in the High-Value Horticultural Supply Chain/ Aya Suzuki

4. The Beer Industry and Contract Farming in Uganda/ Akio Nishiura

5. The Export-Oriented Garment Industry in Madagascar: Implications of Foreign Direct Investment for the Local Economy/ Takahiro Fukunishi and Herinjatovo Aimé Ramiarison

6. Local Construction Enterprises in Transition: Empirical Evidence from Burkina Faso (2004-2010)/ Tomomi Tokuori