Vietnam's Economic Entities in Transition  

Palgrave Macmillan IDE-JETRO Series

During the last two decades, Vietnam has been undergoing a process of deregulating economic activities and integrating into the global economy. The passing of the Enterprise Law in 1999, which facilitated the establishment of private enterprises, and the achievement of membership of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2007 were two of the landmark events in Vietnam's rapid growth over this period. In order to cope with such a socioeconomic and institutional transformation, Vietnam's domestic economic entities have employed various measures, including technical upgrading, a shift into new areas of business, the diversification of capital acquisition, the adoption of new models of corporate governance, and other measures. As a result, the reorganization of Vietnam's domestic economic entities, such as the equitization of many state-owned enterprises, the emergence of large-scale private enterprises and the revitalization of rural entrepreneurs have taken place in many areas. This book attempts to analyze economic activity in Vietnam, covering a variety of types and sizes of Vietnam's domestic economic entities from large-scale stateowned enterprises to micro-scale rural entrepreneurs.

■ Vietnam's Economic Entities in Transition
■ Edited by SAKATA Shozo
■ £60.00
■ 233pp
■ Published in October 2013
■ ISBN978-1-137-29713-6


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Introduction: The Changing Status of Economic Entities in Vietnam/ Shozo Sakata

1. State Enterprise Groups in Vietnam Following Accession to the WTO/ Akie Ishida

2. Vietnamese Local State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) at the Crossroads: The Implications of SOE Restructuring at the Local Level/ Futaba Ishizuka

3. The Business Strategy of Vietnamese Enterprises Listed on the Stock Exchange: Change in the Business Strategy of REE after Listing/ Yuko Hayashi

4. Globalization and Development Strategies of Vietnamese Garment Suppliers: Production-Distribution Networks and Enterprise Performance/ Kenta Goto

5. The Rise of Local Assemblers in the Vietnamese Motorcycle Industry: The Dynamics and Diversity of Industrial Organization/ Mai Fujita

6. Development and Prospects for the Vietnamese Banking Sector: Before and After Accession to the WTO/ Yoko Ogimoto

7. Rural Industries in Northern Vietnam: Strategies of Small-scale Business Establishments in the Formation of Craft Villages/ Shozo Sakata