Business Cycles in Asia  

Occasional Papers Series


■ Business Cycles in Asia
■ Edited by OSADA Hiroshi, HIRATSUKA Daisuke
■ Published in 1991
■ ISBN4-258-52026-8


Preface / Hiroshi Osada, Daisuke Hiratsuka

Introduction / Hiroshi Osada, Daisuke Hiratsuka

Part I. IDE's Diffusion Indices of the Seven Asian Countries

1. The General Framework for Compilation of Diffusion Indices / IDE SEPIA Group

2. Reference Dates, Short Chronology, and Component Variables of the DI / IDE SEPIA Group

Part II. Business Cycles of the Seven Asian Countries

4. Business Cycles in Indonesia / Firdaus, La Ode Syafiuddin, Subagio Dwijosumono, Tata Djumantara

5. Business Cycle Indicators for Malaysia / Mokhtar Tamin

7. The Historical Business Cycle in the Philippines / Peter Lee U

9. Economic Predictions with Indicators: The Singapore Case / Chow Kit Boey

10. Business Cycle Indicators for Thailand / Kitti Limskul, Thaneit Khantigaroon

12. Fluctuations in Agricultural Income, Public Sector Investment, World Economic Activity, and Business Cycles in India / Vikas Chitre

13. Business Cycle Measurement Methods in Korea: Based on the Composite Index / Hyo-Sub Byun

Part III. Broad Topics on Business Cycle Analysis and Measurement

16. Business Cycles and Quarterly GDP in Korea and the ASEAN Countries / Soshichi Kinoshita

18. An Analysis of Turning Points in a Time Series / Atsushi Nishio