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Company Name Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization (IDE-JETRO)
Adress 3-2-2, Wakaba, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
261-8545, Japan
TEL +81-43-299-9735
FAX +81-43-299-9736
President Satoshi Miyamoto
Sales Manager Shigeki Nomura
  1. Research Activities: Basic and comprehensive research activities based on localism and positivism for developing countries and regions.
  2. Research Exchange: Joint research in and out of Japan and exchange of research activities with developing countries.
  3. Documents and Information: Collecting and organizing publications, journals, maps, laws, and statistics in relation to developing countries and regions, and providing rich information from these sources.
  4. Dissemination Outcomes: Dissemination of the outcomes of research activities.
  5. Development Training: Organizing the IDEAS to foster personnel in charge of economic and social development in developing countries and regions.
Orders Validity 2 weeks after placement of your order.
Sales Price Displayed for each product.
How to pay In Japan: Credit Card, Bank Remittance, Postal Transfer
Overseas: Orders from outside of Japan require payment by credit card.
(In Japan Only)
Bank Remittance and Postal Transfer: Within 2 weeks after acceptance.
Shipping Rates [Domestic Shipping Rate]
440 yen/shipment
[International Shipping Rates]
Depending on destination
■CD-ROM, less than 1kg/shipment, EMS
  1. Asia: 1,800 yen
  2. North America, Central America, Oceania, Middle East, Caribbean: 2,400 yen
  3. Europe: 2,800 yen
  4. South America, Africa: 3,800 yen
Additional Charge If the payment is made by Bank Remittance, bank transfer fee is at your cost
Delivery of Books In Japan: Approx. 5 business days.
Overseas: Approx. 1 week
Returns Basically, we do not accept returns on your reason.
Returns shall be accepted for books with missing pages or unsatisfactory binding.
If you receive such a fault, please inform us by telephone, facsimile, or e-mail within 7 days.
We are sorry to trouble you, but could you send books back to IDE-JETRO by C.O.D.
The new product shall be sent immediately after returned product is received by IDE-JETRO.
Customer's Information The personal information registered at IDE-JETRO shall be used only for future improvement of services, and not for any other purpose.