Structural Adjustment and Economic Reform:East Asia,Latin America,and Central and Eastern Europe  

International Joint Research Project Series


■ Structural Adjustment and Economic Reform:East Asia,Latin America,and Central and Eastern Europe
■ Edited by Akira Kohsaka, Koichi Ohno
■ 2,916円(本体価格 2,700円)
■ 251pp
■ Published in 1996
■ ISBN4-258-56001-5


Preface / Akira Kohsaka, koichi Ohno

Part I. Issue of Structural Adjustment Policies

1. Introduction
2. structural Adjustment for Debt problems
3. Structural Adjustment during Market Transition
4. Development Experience in East Asia

2. Accounting for Differences in Economic Growth / Barry Bosworth, Susan M. Collins, Yu-chin Chen

1. Introduction
2. Construction of Accounts
3. The Determinants of Economic Growth
4. Concluding Remarks

Part II. Economic Reforms in China

1. Introduction
2. An Overview of Fiscal Developments in the Reform Era
3. The Institutional Background of Central –Local Fiscal Relations
4. Outcomes of Fiscal Contract Systems
5. An Outline and Assessment of the 1994 Reforms
6. Conclusion

1. Introduction
2. Development of the Chinese financial Sector: Overview
3. Resource Allocation in China
4. Resource Allocations in Rural Areas and the Development of RCCs
5. Decentralization and Reform of the Banking sector
6. Concluding Remarks

1. Introduction
2. The Development Process of Township and Village Enterprises
3. The Economic Performance of Township and Village Enterprises
4. Township and village Enterprises in Terms of Industrial Organization
5. A Comparison with Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan and Korea
6. Prospects for the Development of Township and Village Enterprises

1. Introduction
2. Why have China’s Economic Reforms been Successful?
3. Roles of FDI in China’s Transition Process
4. Future Prospects for the Role of FDI, and Implications for Other Reforming Economies

Part III. Structural Adjustment in Latin America

7. Latin America after a Decade of Adjustment / Michael Gavin

1. Introduction
2. Recent Economic Developments, 1990-1994
3. Causes and Consequences of macroeconomic Volatility in Latin America
4. Conclusion

Part IV. Economic Reform in Central and Eastern Europe

8. Privatization and Restructuring of SOEs / Gerard Roland

1. Introduction
2. The Focus of the Study
3. Macroeconomic Stabilization and Enterprise Behavior
4. Lessons from the Privatization Experience
5. Concluding Remarks

9.Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy during the Transition / Charles Wyplosz

1. Introduction
2. Choice of Exchange Rate Regime
3. Data Presentation
4. Stylized Facts

10.Fiscal Issues in the Transition to a Market Economy / Fabrizio Coricelli

1. Introduction
2. The Nature of the Fiscal Crisis
3. A Medium Term Perspective: Budget Deficit and Restructuring
4. Conclusion

11.Banking and the Financial System in CEEs / Francesca Cornelli, Richard Portes, Mark Schaffer

1. Introduction
2. The Theory
3. The Situation in Eastern Europe