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Forest Resource Accounting  - The Nordic Experience and Asian Experiments

Development and the Environment Series


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Development and the Environment Series Forest Resource Accounting ■ Forest Resource Accounting - The Nordic Experience and Asian Experiments
■ Edited by Koichiro Koike and Shigeaki Fujisaki
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■ 250pp.
■ Published in 1997
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Preface / Koichiro Koike, Shigeaki Fujisaki


1 Basic Ideas and IDE Reserch Preoject on Forest Resource Asccounting pdf / Shigeaki Fujisaki
1. The IDE Research Project on "Environmental Accounting for Forest and Timber Resources"
2. Description for the Compilation of Mass Balance Table

2 Backgrounf and Role of Environment Resource Accounting pdf / Koichiro Koike
1. Contemporary Society and Economic Accounting
2. The Locus of Fictitious Accounting
3. Linking Up Information on Areas of Concern
4. Consistency Between the Forest Accounting System and the Sector Commodity Table
5. Problems about Estimates from Mass-Balance Tables
6. Natural Resource Accounting as a Form of Communication

3 Environment Accounting for the Forest and Timber Resources: The Case of the Philippines / Corazon L. Rapera
1. Introduction
2. Methods and Results
3. Discussion and Analysis
4. Summary and Policy Implications
Appendix A
Appendix B Preliminary Sector Commodity Tables
Appendix C Summary of Industry Information (Limited Survey)
Appendix D Information Basis for Pulp and Paper
Appendix E Basic Data on Operations of Sampled Sawmills and Plywood Mills in Mindanao and Luzon, Philippines, 1990
Appendix F Worksheets and Legends for the Sector Commodity and Mass Balance Tables
Appendix G Raw Data for the Mass Balance Table

4 Mass Balance Trade of Wood for Indonesia / Buyung Airlangga, La Ode Syafiuddin, Muchlis Husin, Supriyanto
1. Introduction
2. Profile of Forestry in Indonesia
3. The 1995 Special Survey of Wood
4. Flow of Work

5 Environmental and Natural Resource Accounting For Thailand / Damrongsak Chindakul
Introduction : Thailand Past and Present
1. Forest and Land Use
2. Forest Utilization
3. Wood-Based Industry
4. Economic Accounting and Statistical System in Thailand
5. Forest Accounting System : Forms of Accounts, Conceptual Framework, and Classification in SCT and MBT
6. Survey Results
7. Results and Findings
8. Problems Encountered
9. Conclusions and Recommendations
Appendix Example Worksheet for Pulp


6 Forest Resource Accounts and Their Use pdf / Hiromichi Furuido
1. Introduction
2. The Purpose of Drawing Up Accounts
3. The Functions of Accounts
4. Possibilities for the Application of Accounts
5. The Simplest Use of Accounts : Disclosing Stock and Flow
6. Problems in Forest Accounts
7. Summation

7 Handling of Woodland in Natural Resource Accounts pdf / Nobuyuki Yamamoto
1. Introduction
2. General Structure of Forest Woodland Accounts
3. Woodland Microdata Sets
4. Land Cover and Land Use Accounts
5. Significance and Possibilities of Preparing Forest Woodland Accounts in the Developing Countries


8 Forest Accounting in Finland / Jukka Muukkonen, Leo Kolttola
1. Background
2. Forest Accounting Framework
3. Wood Material Accounting
4. Forest Stock Account and Quality Indicators of Forests
5. Forests and the National Accounts
6. Developing Forest Accounting in Finland

9 Why Natural Resource Accounting? / Knut H. Alfsen
1. Introduction
2. The Origin and Organization of Natural Resource Accounting in Norway
3. The Structure of the Norwegian Resource Accounts
4. Use of the Natural Resource Accounts for Analysis
5. Discussion and Some Conclusions Based on Norwegian Lessons